1. I find books by religious people with their heads screwed on about religion are often a lot less full of sexist, racist, anti-gay and classist crap than books by your average atheist author, as well as being a lot more honest. Maybe because most atheist authors are white men, maybe because aforementioned white men think that being an atheist gives you license to say whatever you want with no consequences

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    Listen if you’re coming from a place where you have to ask ‘how do I write female characters?’, you’re not ready.

    What if we got a bunch of white cishet dudebro authors and gave each of them tips on how to write female characters and see which one of them can fuck it up the least? We could place bets, maybe make a day of it, get some fancy hats and cocktails and shit.

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800 followers! Love you all ♡


    800 followers! Love you all ♡

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Join #Melbourne to protest against Israeli aggression in Gaza. Friday, 6pm, State Library. #Palestine #Gaza #auspol http://thndr.it/1pm0k8x


    Join #Melbourne to protest against Israeli aggression in Gaza. Friday, 6pm, State Library. #Palestine #Gaza #auspol http://thndr.it/1pm0k8x

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    Stop Patriarchy was recently asked to remove all anti-pornography messages from a table we had at a Vagina Monologues production, in the name of “sex positivity.” Activists with Stop Patriarchy said, you know that there’s a war on women when the state can keep sex education out of the schools and abolish abortion, while a curious ten-year-old can type “sex” into Google and watch a woman eat shit. This is what we are exposing, and we should all fight it. Porn has nothing to do with sex, and it’s not “positive” in its effects—it does nothing to encourage real intimacy, it makes rape and the absence of consent sexy in the minds of many, and the industry itself continues to intersect with sex trafficking and generally treat women like garbage. The event organizer went on to say that there were women involved in the event who create “feminist pornography.” Stop Patriarchy said that we need a movement for women’s liberation, fighting for a world without a multi-billion dollar sex trafficking industry, where women’s bodies are not objects up for sale: not through sex slavery, not in strip clubs, not in porn, no matter who is getting the profit. A world where slavery is rejected not sexualized, and a woman is more than an orifice and receptacle to stuff things into or pump stuff out of.

    This is where the connection between the social origins and the social consequences of individual desires must be grasped. Not all theories that seem on the surface to be in opposition to harmful and oppressive tradition actually reflect the kind of world that is possible: a world without slavery in any form. On the contrary, the defining of sex as “whatever you want it to be” when what people want is being shaped by a patriarchal system, is in itself a stamp of approval on the intolerable conditions women face in the world as it is.

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    It’s a hell of a lot more revolutionary to tell a woman she can decide if she wants to have sex and if so, who she wants to have sex with, than to pressure her to be open to having sex with anyone in the name of being progressive. It’s sickening that the latter is where mainstream feminism is at atm. I think enough of us have had sex, especially hetsex, forced on us as it is. 

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    happy 34th birthday to harry james potter! (and jk rowling)

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    The last feminist bookstores in America

    About twenty years ago, there were well over 100 self-described feminist bookstores in the United States. These shelves have been stocked with literature relating to a wide array of topics, including feminist history, LGBTQ issues, sexuality, abuse, community organizing, erotica, and gender and identity politics. This was not your neighborhood Barnes & Noble. However, that number has plummeted over the years, and today only around a dozen remain in North America.

    While these shops used to fill a specific demand, the advent of the Internet, the Kindle and competitive pricing at major retailers has made such niche materials much more accessible.

    So do we even need feminist bookstores anymore? While it’s certainly become easier to buy  feminist materials elsewhere, many would argue that it is much harder to replicate the sense of community and solidarity once provided by these regional institutions. 

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    If every one of my followers donated even $10 I would have enough for a new computer.

    My laptop is just pretty much about to die. The plugs have rusted so they barely work and the actual software itself is deteriorating fast.

    I need a computer. I have to do TAFE to get my Centrelink payments and…

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We can rebuild him. We have the technology. We can make him better than he was. Bigger, stronger, faster.


    We can rebuild him. We have the technology. We can make him better than he was. Bigger, stronger, faster.

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    Courtenay McKay created a series of posters for the Gender Based Violence Prevention Project (GBVPP) at the University of Alberta to spread awareness about rape culture.

    The Gender Based Violence Prevention Project is a new project of the Students’ Union that promotes a campus free of gender based violence. Gender Based Violence exists in both visible and invisible ways on our campus and affects the lives of many University students, staff, faculty, and community members. Through education, awareness, and institutional change, we are striving to create a campus free of gender based violence where everyone can feel safe and supported.”

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    There’s two types of anger one is dry and the other wet and basically wet anger is when your eyes water and your voice shakes and I hate that cause I feel weak when I’m crying while angry I like dry anger when your face is like stone and your voice is sharp I guess wet anger shows that you care too much and dry anger means you’re done.

    This is the best description ever